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Han Nijssen is a retired[1] Dutch ichthyologist. He was a curator at Zoölogisch Museum in Amsterdam. Nijssen has worked extensively with fish from South America, and is the author of several species, e.g. Corydoras weitzmani and Corydoras xinguensis. Collaborating with Isaäc Isbrücker he has described e.g. the group Hypancistrus and the species Hypancistrus zebra and Corydoras panda, among others. He also has collaborated with Sven O. Kullander.

The species Corydoras nijsseni and Apistogramma nijsseni[2] are named after him.

Publications (incomplete)[edit]

  • The Cichlids of Surinam: Teleostei: Labroidei - Sven O. Kullander and Han Nijssen (1989)


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