Hanazono Station (Kyoto)

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Hanazono Station
JR Hanazono sta 001.jpg
Prefecture Kyoto
(See other stations in Kyoto)
City Kyoto
Ward Ukyō
Year opened 1898
Rail services
Operator(s) JR West
Line(s) Sagano Line

Hanazono Station (花園駅 Hanazono-eki?) is a train station in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The station (and surrounding neighborhood) are named for Emperor Hanazono, who had a palace in the area, now the Myōshin-ji temple complex.



Just to the north and east is the major temple complex of Myōshin-ji, and the affiliated Hanazono University (to the east, actually closer to Emmachi Station).


The elevated station has an island platform with two tracks. Track No. 1 is for trains bound for Kyoto and Track No. 2 is for trains bound for Kameoka and Sonobe.[1]


Hanazono Station opened on January 1, 1898, less than one year after the opening of the Kyoto Railway (predecessor of the San'in Main Line).[2]

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Sagano Line
Emmachi   Local   Uzumasa
Rapid Service: no stop


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Coordinates: 35°1′7.01″N 135°43′4.01″E / 35.0186139°N 135.7177806°E / 35.0186139; 135.7177806