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Hangul 한국대학총학생회연합
or 한총련
Hanja 韓國大學總學生會聯合
or 韓總聯
Revised Romanization Han-guk Daehak Chonghaksaenghoe Yeonhap
or Hanchongryeon
McCune–Reischauer Han-guk Taehak Ch'ong-haksaeng-hoe Yŏnhap
or Hanch'ongryŏn

Hanchongryun (Hankuk Daehak Chonghaksaenghoi Ryunhap), also known as the South Korean Federation of University Students Councils, is a pro-North Korea[1] leftist student organization in South Korea. Hanchongryun supports an North Korean-led unification of Korea, and instigates Korean college students to overturn the Korean State system. In particular, it condemns the continued presence of the United States Forces Korea (USFK), which it sees as a humiliating vestige of U.S. Imperialism and advocates on behalf of Korean reunification. Most of the South Korean public opinion about Hanchongryun is negative. Hanchongryun is widely known for its effort to overturn the South Korean state system. It was criminalized under the National Security Act in 1999 for alleged pro-North Korean activities. The North Korea-based Pomchonghakryon considers the Hanchongryun as its southern headquarters.

Its main headquarters are Korea University (Seoul) and Chonnam University (Gwangju). It was organized in early 1993 as a realignment of the Jeondaehyop (전대협) student organization.

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