Handball in India

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Handball in India
Country India
Governing body Handball Federation of India
National team India

In India Handball game and Handball Federation of INDIA was founded by Sh. Jagat Singh Chauhan hailing from Haryana who was an alumni of YMCA College of Physical Education of Madras (now Chennai). He was the first Secretary of Handball Federationof India. Mr Jagat Singh Chauhan was founder/father of Handball, Netball and Throwball games in India. His efforts in Germany during Munich Olympics official meetings(1972) helped in establishing Handball Federation of India. The Member States were Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Vidharbha and Jammu and Kashmir. The first senior National Handball Championship was held at Rohtak (Haryana) in the year 1972. Haryana won the gold medal and vidharbha got the silver medal. Handball Federation of India (HFI) manages handball in India. Handball is a popular sport in India, played at local level in India but hasn't made it big in domestic level. India has yet to make an impact at international level and the World Cup.[1]


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