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Handley's Corner, on A3 Castletown to Ramsey Road

Handley's Corner (formerly Ballamenagh Corner) is a corner between the 11th Milestone and 12th Milestone road-side markers on the Snaefell Mountain Course used for the Isle of Man TT Races on the primary A3 road in the parish of Michael in the Isle of Man.

The S-bend at Ballamenagh Corner is dominated by a high dry-stone wall on the eastern side of the road and was part of the Highland Course and the Four Inch Course used for the Gordon Bennett Trial and Tourist Trophy automobile car races held in the Isle of Man between 1904 and 1922. The Ballamenagh Corner was part of the St John's Short Course used between 1907 and 1910 for the Isle of Man TT Races. Also, Ballameanagh Corner, later named Handley's Corner became part of the Snaefell Mountain Course used since 1911 for the Isle of Man TT and from 1923 for the Manx Grand Prix Races.

The area is dominated by the Ballamenagh and Shoughlaige-e-Caine farmland. The name derives from the Isle of Man TT race winner Wal Handley while riding a Rudge motor-cycle, crashed heavily during lap 4 of the 1932 Senior TT Race sustaining a back injury and subsequently retired from the race.

The corner was subjected to road widening and reprofiling during the winter of 1953/1954 for the 1954 Isle of Man TT Races.[1] From the winter of 2003 to 2006, road repair work is carried-out on the primary A3 road from Barregarrow to Cronk-y-Voddy, including Handley's Corner and the 11th Milestone by the Isle of Man Department of Transport.


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Coordinates: 54°14′59″N 4°35′26″W / 54.24972°N 4.59056°W / 54.24972; -4.59056