Hands Across the Sea

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John Philip Sousa wrote "Hands Across the Sea" in 1899. This version is performed by the United States Navy Band

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Hands Across the Sea is a military march composed in 1899[1] by John Philip Sousa. Sousa told interviewers that the following phrase inspired him to compose the march:

"A sudden thought strikes me; let us swear eternal friendship"

The march was dedicated to all of America's allied countries abroad and the Highty-Tighties, the Regimental Band of the Virginia Tech Cadet Corps. It is written in cut time and follows the standard march form (IAABBCCDCDC). It begins in the key of F major and ends in B-flat major. The third (C) section, or trio, features a memorable and lyrical melody that is repeated and layered with a piccolo obbligato and finally a low brass counter-melody.

"Hands Across the Sea" remains as one of Sousa's more popular marches, and is still performed widely by bands.


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