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Haney Place Exchange is a transit exchange in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. It is the eastern-most major transit exchange in the Metro Vancouver area. Part of the TransLink system, it is home to routes serving Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, and routes to Coquitlam, the Township of Langley, and Braid Station in New Westminster.

Structure and location[edit]

The exchange is located in downtown Maple Ridge on the south side of McIntosh Avenue between Edge Street in the west and 226th Street in the East. It is next to Haney Place Mall, the Ridge-Meadows Royal Canadian Mounted Police, municipal hall, The ACT Arts Centre & Theatre, the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, and numerous businesses.



Standard-sized diesel buses, longer articulated buses, and smaller community shuttle buses all use the Haney Place Exchange.

  • 701 Coquitlam Station/Haney Place/Maple Ridge East[2]
  • 791 Braid Station/Haney Place[3]
  • C43 Meadowtown/Maple Meadows Station/South Haney/Haney Place[4]
  • C44 Meadowtown/Maple Meadows Station/Haney Place[5]
  • C45 Cottonwood/Haney Place[6]
  • C46 Albion/Haney Place[7]
  • C47 Alouette/Haney Place[8]
  • C48 Thornhill/Haney Place[9]
  • C49 Ruskin/Haney Place[10]


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