Hangzhou East Railway Station

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Hangzhoudong Station
Hangzhou East Station
Hangzhoudong Railway Station 03.JPG
Hangzhou East Railway Station
Interior view of Hangzhoudong Railway Station
Province Zhejiang
(See other stations in Zhejiang)
City Hangzhou
District Jianggan
Tiancheng Lu
Coordinates 30°17′24.5″N 120°12′45″E / 30.290139°N 120.21250°E / 30.290139; 120.21250Coordinates: 30°17′24.5″N 120°12′45″E / 30.290139°N 120.21250°E / 30.290139; 120.21250
Pinyin Code Hangzhoudong
Year opened 1992
Station statistics
Operator(s) Shanghai Railway Bureau,
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s) Hukun Railway,
Huhang Passenger Railway,
Hangyong Passenger Railway,
Hangchangkun Passenger Railway,
Hangning Passenger Railway
Rail services
Preceding station   Hangzhou Metro   Following station
towards Xianghu
Line 1
towards Wenze Road

Hangzhou East Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 杭州东站; traditional Chinese: 杭州東站; pinyin: Hángzhōudōng zhàn) is a railway station located in Zhejiang, People's Republic of China. Originally serving the Hukun Railway, as of 2012 it is being rebuilt as a high-speed rail hub, which became operational on 1 July 2013.


The old station opened in 1992,[1] located on Tiancheng Road. It was closed on 20 January 2010,[2] and demolished.[3] Its train services were moved to Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou South Railway Station.[2]

A new station is being constructed on the site. It officially opened on 1 July 2013, in conjunction with the opening of the Hangzhou–Ningbo Passenger Railway and Nanjing-Hangzhou Passenger Railway. The station will also serve the Shanghai–Hangzhou Passenger Railway. It will have 30 railway lines, and will have stations for Hangzhou Metro lines 1 and 4.[4] A coach station and bus terminals are also being constructed.[3]


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