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Jat Clan
Location Punjab (Pakistan), Punjab (India) and Haryana
Language Punjabi and Haryanvi
Religion Sikhism and Islam
Surnames Hanjrah

Hanjrah (also spelt Hinjra, Hajra, Hanjra, Hazra, Hazrah) is a clan of Jats found in the Punjab, Pakistan and Northern Indian state of Punjab.


After the Partition of India, Hindu and Sikh Hanjra Jats moved to eastern Punjab (comprising today's states of Punjab (India), Haryana and Himachal Pradesh). While the Muslim Hanjra Jats migrated to Pakistan. Hanjras own large swaths of land in western Punjab and are generally considered to be one of the most richest, educated, talented and powerful Jats. Hanjras hold a proud heritage of being among the most sought after clans during marital affairs, due to their strong lineage. They are known for their intelligence and looks. There are a significant number of Hanjras in Pakistan, in the area around Sialkot District and Jhang, in the late 19th century many of Hanjras settled around Jhang and Faisalabad after the establishment of an irrigation system.

Sub divisions of Saroya[edit]

Bhim Singh Dahiya provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Saroya when they gained political ascendancy. The Hinjrawan clan supported the ascendant clan Saroya and became part of a political confederacy.


Hanjras in eastern Punjab in India are predominantly Sikh. The Hanjras in Pakistan are predominantly Muslims.