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Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd. (阪堺電気軌道株式会社 Hankai Denki Kidō Kabushiki Gaisha?) is a company which owns two tramway lines in the cities of Osaka and Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The parent company is Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Hankai Depot, 2007
Abikomichi yard
Hankai yard


Now owned[edit]

Abandoned when owned by Nankai Railway[edit]

  • Hirano Line (Imaike - Hirano) 5.9 km
  • Ohama Branch Line (Shukuin - Ohama-kaigan) 1.4 km



Regular fare (able to change trams at Sumiyoshi or Abikomichi once) Adult: 200 yen
Child: 100 yen
Passengers living in Sakai (from the age of 65)
taking a tram on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th, and 30th days every month, and getting on or off at any stations in Sakai
100 yen

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