Hanna Andersson

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Hanna Andersson
Industry Retail
Founded 1983
Founder Gun Denhart, Tom Denhart
Key people
Adam Stone (CEO)
Products Children's Clothing
Revenue $100 Million [1]
Owner Sun Capital Partners
Number of employees
400 [2]
Slogan Making their world a little softer.
Website www.hannaandersson.com

Hanna Andersson is an American, Portland, Oregon-based corporation that specializes in children's apparel. The company operates mail-order, online, and retail stores in the United States.


In 1983, Swedish-born Gun Denhart founded the company in Portland, Oregon in the garage of her home.[3] The company begin as an exclusively mail-order catalog retailer; Hanna Andersson mailed out its first catalog in 1984.[4] Co-founder Tom Denhart would remain the company's creative director until 1995.[5]

In 1995, the Denharts hired Phil Iosca as CEO/President who refocused the company on young children's apparel.[6] Then, in 2001, the Denharts sold the company for a total of $175 million.[7] Following the initial sale, Hanna Andersson was sold to a succession of private equity firms, ultimately sold to Sun Capital Partners. Gun Denhart remained on the Board of Directors until 2007. When Iosca retired in 2010, then-COO Adam Stone was named the new CEO of the company.[8][9]

Philanthropy and Support of Families[edit]

The company has received notable attention over the years due to Denhart's advocacy of progressive workplace policies. Denhart's initiatives included family-friendly employment policies in support of work-family balance and the charitable donation of 5% of the company's pre-tax profits to groups working for children's welfare.[10] These efforts, along with Denhart's other work, led the Oregon Commission of Women to name her the "Woman of Achievement" for 2013.[11] The company's "HannaHelps" program also garnered attention for awarding yearly grants to schools and non-profit groups serving children throughout the United States.[12]


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