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Hannah M. Jones is an artist and musician from Athens, Georgia. Born in Par, England during the "Top of the Pops." Hannah grew up in Sandersville, Georgia and later attended art school at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Past member of E6 collective band The Circulatory System, and The Instruments she now focuses her attention on her songwriting project The New Sound of Numbers [1](called Sound Houses briefly) as a vocalist/12 string guitarist/drummer and is the drummer/vocalist for Supercluster (band)[2] [3] .


The New Sound of Numbers

Supercluster (band)


  • Too Many Eights (2007), Supercluster, from CDR EP: Special 5
  • I Got the Answer (2009), Supercluster, from: CD Waves, Studio Mouse Productions/Cloud Recordings
  • Neat In The Street (2011), Supercluster, from: single Paris Effect/Neat In The Street, Studio Mouse Productions/Cloud Recordings. Written by The Side Effects (Butchart/Ellison/Swartz), 1980.
  • Memory Of The Future (2012), Supercluster, from: single Things We Used To Drink/Memory Of The Future, Studio Mouse Productions. Directed by Hana Hay and Hannah Jones from artwork by Hannah Jones.


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