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Hans-Georg Bohle is a German geographer and development researcher. He is Chair of development geography at the Geography Department of the University of Bonn. At UNU-EHS[1][2] he is a Munich Re Foundation Chair on Social Vulnerability. His academic work is directed on issues of vulnerability, risk and human security, with special emphasis on food, water and health. His regional focus is on South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). He serves in the Steering Committee of GECHS (Global Environmental Change and Human Security)[3] and in the International Scientific Advisory Board of GECAFS (Global Environmental Change and Food Systems).[4] He is a member of Academia Europaea and of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.[5] Hans-Georg Bohle has published 12 monographs, about 80 articles in scientific journals and about 60 book chapters.

Selected publications[edit]

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