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Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt (born 12 August 1942 in Leerhafe, today part of Wittmund, East Frisia) is the club doctor at Bayern Munich and is a world leader in the treatment of sports injuries.

Many of the German doctor's treatments are controversial, including using injections of a substance called Hyalart,[1] extracted from the crest of cockerels, which is claimed to help lubricate knee injuries and take away the pain. He has also injected honey or Actovegin into patients.

Müller-Wohlfahrt's use of homeopathic medicine to treat players is also controversial.[2][3]

Players treated[edit]

He has treated many footballers including Jürgen Klinsmann,[4] Ronaldo and Jonathan Woodgate[5] and other sportsmen and women such as Paula Radcliffe [6] Kelly Holmes,[7] Maurice Greene [8] and Usain Bolt.[9]

He helped cure Michael Owen's hamstring problems in time to play at the Euro 2000 tournament[10] and has also helped Owen's Liverpool F.C. and England colleague, Steven Gerrard [11] and Harry Kewell.[12] Darren Gough [13] and Alex Tudor,[14] Essex cricketers, have benefited from the German doctor's pioneering treatments. On 6 May 2009 it was announced that he was helping Akpo Sodje recover from a longstanding hamstring problem

José María Olazábal,[15] the 1994 US Masters golf champion was suffering from the crippling effects of rheumatoid arthritis when he visited Müller-Wohlfahrt but was able to win at Augusta again in 1999.

Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood [16] is another who has benefited from the doctor's treatment after 8 months with a groin problem. Weeks later he was staking a claim to a recall to the England team.

Even international sportsmen as far away as Australia have sought treatment from Müller-Wohlfahrt - Australian rules footballers Max Rooke and Mark Coughlan were treated for chronic hamstring injuries.[17] Likewise he has also treated professional cyclists including Stephen Roche.

One of his more unusual treatments was when St Johnstone F.C. striker Peter MacDonald was prescribed goat's blood injections in a bid to cure a recurring hamstring problem.[18]

In 2010 he treated Bono (singer for U2) and Usain Bolt for severe back injury.[19]

In 2012 he was given the job of repairing the hamstring of Dylan Grimes of the AFL club the Richmond Tigers

In 2013 he treated knee-injuries of Giorgio Chiellini and Simone Pepe both players of Italian club Juventus FC



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