Hans Engnestangen

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Hans Engnestangen in 1933.
Hans Engnestangen
Medal record
Competitor for  Norway
Men’s Speed skating
World Championships
Gold 1933 Trondheim Allround
Bronze 1935 Oslo Allround
European Championships
Silver 1937 Davos Allround

Hans Engnestangen (March 28, 1908 – May 9, 2003) was a Norwegian speed skater and world champion. He held the world records on both the 500 and 1500 meter distance for more than ten years.

He hailed from Brandbu, but represented the speed skating club Hamar IL.

International championships[edit]

At the 1932 Winter Olympics he participated in the 10000 metres event but was eliminated in the heats.

Four years later he finished eights in the 1500 metres competition. He also participated in the 500 metres event but did not finish.

Engnestangen won a gold medal at the 1933 World Allround Speed Skating Championships for Men, and a bronze medal in 1935.[1] He won the 500m distance in 1933, 1938 and 1939, and the 1500m in 1937 and 1938.

He received a silver medal at the 1937 European Allround Championships, where he also won the 500m distance.

World records[edit]

In January 1933 Engnestangen improved Clas Thunberg's previous world record on 500m speedskating, with 42.5, a record which lasted until 1936. Engnestangen improved the time in January 1937 (42.3), and again in February 1938 (41.8). The last record was unbeaten for 14 years, until 1952.[2]

In January 1939 Engnestangen improved the 1500m time with the new world record 2:13.8. The record was unbeaten for 13 years, until 1952.[2]

Discipline Time Date Location
500 m 0.42,5 January 21, 1933 Switzerland Davos
500 m 0.42,3 January 30, 1937 Switzerland Davos
500 m 0.41,8 February 5, 1938 Switzerland Davos
1500 m 2.13,8 January 29, 1939 Switzerland Davos

Source: SpeedSkatingStats.com[3]

Second World War collaboration[edit]

Along with fellow speed skater Finn Hodt, Engnestangen had been one of the few leading Norwegian athletes not to follow a nation-wide boycott of sports events (the "sports strike") during the occupation. The boycott had been launched by the Norwegian sports leadership in response to attempts from 1940 onwards by the collaborationist Quisling regime at nazification of all sports events in Norway.[4]


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Preceded by
Finland Clas Thunberg
Men's 500 m World Record Holder
January 21, 1933 – January 18, 1936
Succeeded by
United States Allan Potts
Preceded by
United States Allan Potts
Men's 500 m World Record Holder
January 30, 1937 – January 6, 1952
Succeeded by
Soviet Union Yury Sergeev
Preceded by
Norway Michael Staksrud
Men's 1500 m World Record Holder
January 29, 1939 – January 20, 1952
Succeeded by
Soviet Union Valentin Chaikin