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This article is about the bicyclist. For the author of "Curious George", see H. A. Rey.
Hans Rey.

Hans Jörg Rey, aka Hans "No Way" Rey (born 4 June 1966 in Switzerland). Rey is a pioneer in mountain bike trials and extreme mountain biking. Rey began riding in the late 70s. Since 1987, he has ridden exclusively on GT bikes. In 1999 he was inducted to the Mountain bike hall of fame.

Over the years he has won a large number of bike trials riding championships, but since 1997 has retired from competitive sports to explore the world on his mountain bike.

He is the only permanent member of the "Hans Rey Adventure Team", a quest to explore the world using his mountain bike talent. These trips were filmed for television.

He has also starred in movies like Tread (1994), and made guest appearances on the TV series Pacific Blue (1995-1998). He was part of the closing ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games.

In 2005 Hans Rey has founded Wheels4Life, a non-profit charity that provides bicycles to people in Third World countries in need of transportation. More info can be found wheels4life.org.

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