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The Hanseatic League, known as Hansa or Hanse in various Germanic languages, was a 13th–17th century alliance of European trading cities. Several names have been derived from it:

Ships and transportation[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Hansa (film), a 2012 Hindi film directed by Manav Kaul
  • Hansa Bird, or Hamsa, a swan or goose used as a symbol and decorative element in India
  • Hansa Yellow, a yellow pigment used in paints
  • 480 Hansa, a minor planet orbiting the sun
  • From the video game Metro 2033 and the novel upon which it is based, "Hansa" is the commonly used nickname of "The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line".
  • The Hansa (Saga of Seven Suns), an Earth-based trade organization that governs much of human civilization in Kevin J. Anderson's The Saga of Seven Suns science fiction series