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The Hanshin Industrial Region (阪神工業地帯 Hanshin Kōgyō Chitai?) is one of the largest industrial regions in Japan. Its name comes from the kanji used to write the names of Osaka (大阪) and Kobe (神戸), the two largest cities in the megalopolis.The GDP of this area (Osaka and Kobe) is $341 billion, one of the world's most productive regions.[1]



  • Osaka prefecture
    • Number of establishments : 24,822
    • Number of employees : 530,407
    • Value of manufactured goods shipments : 15,961 billion yen
    • Value added : 6,459 billion yen
  • Hyōgo Prefecture
    • Number of establishments : 11,300
    • Number of employees : 359,850
    • Value of manufactured goods shipments : 12,945 billion yen
    • Value added : 4,808 billion yen

(4-digit industrial subclassification. From Report by Respective Industry of the 2005 Census)

Main cities and industry[edit]

Osaka - Medical, Chemical, Metal[edit]


Laboratories,Research institutes

Sakai - Chemical, Metal[edit]


- Air conditioning and Chemicals.Especially,As a fluorine chemical industry, Daikin has major market share with DuPont.

Laboratories, Research Institutes

Kadoma, Moriguchi, Daito - Electronics[edit]

Facilities and Research Institutes

- It is also the headquarters.
- It is also the headquarters.
- It is also the headquarters.

Other cities in Osaka prefecture[edit]


- It is also the headquarters.
- It is also the headquarters.
- A chemical company in Osaka.Especially, Reverse osmosis (Reverse Osmosis Membrane) is major of the world with Dow Chemical Company.

Laboratories, Research Institutes

Amagasaki - Chemical, Metal, Electronics[edit]


- Railroad traffic control system, Electric Power control system, Air traffic control system, Doppler radar, Communications satellite, Global Positioning System.
- Product of Titanium material (About 20 percent share of the world market[2])

Laboratories, Research Institutes

- Urethane, Polyurethane Raw Materials
- The largest Laboratory of Mitsubishi Electric.
- Electric device and primary subjects of electric.

Kobe - Medical, Electronics, Heavy Industries,[edit]


- Shipbuilding, Marine structures
- Mainly,high value products such as Container ship, Submarine, Research Vessels and Vehicles, Nuclear reactor, Satellite.
- Shipbuilding, Marine structures, Trains

Laboratories, Research Institutes

- It is also an East-Asia and Japan headquarters.
- Center for Developmental Biology.
- Next-Generation Supercomputer Center (From 2010).[3]

Other cities in Hyōgo Prefecture[edit]


- A chemical company in Osaka and Hyogo.
- Catalysis, Acrylic acid (World share 15%) and Super Absorbent Polymer (World share 25%).
- Motorcycle

Laboratories, Research Institutes

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