Hantan River

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Hantan River
Revised Romanization Hantan-gang
McCune–Reischauer Hantan'gang
Río Hantan.jpg

The Hantan River is a river in South Korea, flowing through Gangwon and Gyeonggi Provinces. It is a tributary of the Imjin River, which eventually joins the Han River and empties into the Yellow Sea. The Hantan River is a popular site for white-water rafting.


The infectious agent Hantavirus was first identified in the Hantan River area by Dr. Lee Ho-wang. Because his original publications transliterated the river's name idiosyncratically as "Hantaan," this spelling remains associated with the "Hantaan virus."

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Coordinates: 38°00′17″N 127°00′39″E / 38.00472°N 127.01083°E / 38.00472; 127.01083