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Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd.
Type Public
Founded 2004
Headquarters Qidong, People's Republic of China
Key people Ki-Joon Hong, CEO
Products PV Ingots/Wafers, Cells, Modules
Employees 12,000+
Website hanwha-solarone.com

Hanwha SolarOne, Ltd. is a (China/Chinese)manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and panels. They are ranked seventh largest producer in the world by PVinsights.[1] Hanwha SolarOne was renamed after Hanwha Group (one of Korea’s top conglomerates) took over China-based Solarfun Power Holdings, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules in 2010.[2] Solarfun Power Holding first listed on NASDAQ in 2006 (SOLF) and relisted as Hanwha SolarOne (HSOL)[3] in 2011.

By the end of 2010, Hanwha SolarOne had annual module manufacturing capacity of 900 MW, cell manufacturing capacity of 600 MW, and ingot/wafer manufacturing capacity of 400MW. They also had a capacity of 15 MW for automated building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).[citation needed]


  • Solarfun Power Holdings established in 2004; renamed Hanwha SolarOne in 2011
  • Listed on NASDAQ in 2006 (Ticker: SOLF)
  • Acquired Yangguang Solar in 2008
  • Revenue of USD 1,140 million, net income of USD 56.2 million, and 11,000 employees in 2010
  • Acquisition of Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd. by Hanwha Chemical Corporation on August 3, 2010, with Hanwha Chemical assuming ownership of 49.99% of the Solarfun shares
  • Hanwha SolarOne introduced its new NASDAQ ticker symbol, HSOL, on March 4, 2011

Hanwha Group Solar R&D Network[edit]

  • Solar R&D Center Korea Daejon, Korea : Process Technologies / Technology Commercialization
  • Engineering Technology Center China Qidong, China : Manufacturing Technologies / Process Improvements
  • Advanced R&D Laboratory United States Silicon Valley, United States: Breakthrough Technologies

Installation highlights[edit]

  • Rovigo (Rovigo, Italy): 30MW of 70MW
  • Elduyen (Valvedere de Mérida, Spain) : 11.483MW
  • Arnedo (Logrono Province, Spain): 33.615MW
  • El Carpio (Cordoba Province, Spain): 9.446MW
  • Morita (Cordoba Province, Spain): 8.69MW
  • Veguilla (Cordoba Province, Spain): 8.02MW
  • Calasparra (Murcia, Spain): 7MW of 20MW
  • Viso (Ciudad Real Province, Spain): 2.5MW
  • Medina de las Torres (Badajoz Province, Spain): 2.28MW
  • Tenerife (Tenerife Province, Spain): 1.672MW
  • Ecija (Seville Province, Spain): 1MW
  • Maials (Leida Province, Spain): 1MW
  • Villanueva (Villanueva de Alcardete, Spain): 2MW
  • Gransolar Ghella (Pescopennataro, Italy): 2MW
  • Polditz (Polditz, Germany): 3.15MW
  • Koppenzell (Koppenzell, Germany): 1.85MW
  • Pfenninghof (Pfenninghof, Germany): 1.7MW
  • Neumarkt (Neumarkt, Germany): 1.6MW
  • Syrovice (Czech Republic): 3.16MW
  • FVE Malešovice (Malešovice, Czech Republic): 3.9MW
  • Xuzhou Xiexin (Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China): 10.2MW
  • Nanjing Suyuan (Nanjing, China): 700 kW
  • Green Island (Shanghai, China): 1MW
  • Shanghai World Expo: French and German Pavilions (Shanghai, China): 25.38 kW(German) and 25.56 kW (French)
  • Yangzhou Villa Rooftop I (Yangzhou, China): 64.4 kW
  • YoungDong DaSan PV Plant (Kangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea): 1.05MW
  • Haeohrum Energy PV Plant (Jangsu City, Korea): 1MW
  • Gwang Valley Solar Power Plant and En Solar Power Plant (Mooan City, Korea): 1MW
  • Youngju PV Plant (Youngju City, Korea): 2MW
  • Yusung Energy PV Plant (Jangsu City, Korea): 1.5MW
  • Arlington Center (Arlington, MA): 105.88 kW

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