Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

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Happy Anniversary and Goodbye
Directed by Jack Donohue
Produced by Gary Morton
Written by Arthur Julian
Arnie Rosen
Starring Lucille Ball
Art Carney
Nanette Fabray
Peter Marshall
Don Porter
Distributed by CBS
Release date(s) November 19, 1974 (1974-11-19)
Running time 60 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Happy Anniversary and Goodbye is a 1974 American TV movie starring Lucille Ball and Art Carney as Norma and Malcolm Michaels, a middle-aged couple.


Norma and Malcolm Michaels are a middle-aged married couple who are in the midst of a midlife crisis. Both decide to separate and begin their lives anew away from each other. However, problems ensue once they discover that they are no longer as young as they used to be.


Public Reception[edit]

The special was the 4th highest rated program for the week and won its time slot with a rating of 27.9 and 42% share of the viewing audience.

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