Happy Together (The Turtles album)

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Happy Together
Studio album by The Turtles
Released April 29, 1967
Recorded Late 1966 - April 1967
Genre Pop rock, folk rock, psychedelic rock
Length 26:41
Label White Whale
Producer Joe Wissert
The Turtles chronology
You Baby
Happy Together
Golden Hits

Happy Together is the third studio album by pop rock band The Turtles. It was released in April 1967 on White Whale Records.


In the CD era, the album has been reissued at least three times, with various track configurations:

  • EMI/AXIS, CDAX 701548 (later reissued as "Legendary Masters" 432024-2 on Rhino/EMI). Contains the full album with "So Goes Love" as a bonus track, inserted as track 8 in the album's running order.
  • Repertoire Records, a twenty-track edition, released for the European market. Bonuses, which do not necessarily date from the period of the album's release, include "So Goes Love" and "Grim Reaper of Love", among other songs.
  • Sundazed Records for the US market.
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Makin' My Mind Up" (Jack Dalton, Gary Montgomery) – 2:16
  2. "Guide for the Married Man" (John Williams, Leslie Bricusse) – 2:44
  3. "Think I'll Run Away" (Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman) – 2:31
  4. "The Walking Song" (Kaylan, Al Nichol) – 2:44
  5. "Me About You" (Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon) – 2:32
  6. "Happy Together" (Bonner, Gordon) – 2:56

Side two[edit]

  1. "She'd Rather Be with Me" (Bonner, Gordon) – 2:21
  2. "Too Young to Be One" (Eric Eisner) – 2:00
  3. "Person Without a Care" (Nichol) – 2:25
  4. "Like the Seasons" (Warren Zevon) – 1:56
  5. "Rugs of Woods and Flowers" (Kaylan, Nichol) – 3:05
The following are bonus tracks from the SUNDAZED CD re-issue, and not on the original vinyl LP
  1. "She's My Girl" (Bonner, Gordon) – 2:37
  2. "You Know What I Mean" (Bonner, Gordon) – 2:02
  3. "Is It Any Wonder" (Kaylan) – 2:32
The following are bonus tracks from the Repertoire Records CD re-issue, and not on the original vinyl LP
  1. "So Goes Love" (from Golden Hits) – 2:36
  2. "Grim Reaper of Love" (Portz/Nichol) (single A-side) – 2:43
  3. "Outside Chance" (Zevon) (single A-side) – 2:08
  4. "We'll Meet Again" (Burnett/Griffin) (single mix B-side) – 2:08
  5. "Can I Get to Know You Better" (Barri/Sloan) (single A-side) – 2:38
  6. "You Know What I Mean" (Bonner/Gordon) – 1:59
  7. "Happy Together" (Bonner/Gordon) (mono single mix) – 2:50
  8. "She'd Rather Be with Me" (Bonner/Gordon) (mono single mix) – 2:17
  9. "You Know What I Mean" (Bonner/Gordon) (mono single mix) – 1:59


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