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Harald Sigurdssøn Astrup (29 May 1903 – 22 June 1983) was a Norwegian businessperson.

He was born in Kristiania as a son of politician Sigurd Astrup (1873–1949) and Ingeborg Willumsen (1877–1962).[1] He was named after his paternal grandfather, and was a nephew of Henning, Eivind and Thorvald Astrup.[2] In 1928 he married Mabel Anette Plathe Butenschøn, a sister of Barthold A. Butenschøn and daughter of Barthold A. Butenschøn, Sr..[1]

He finished his secondary education in 1922, and was a travelling businessman in Norway and abroad until being hired in the family company Astrup & Søn in 1926. He advanced to office manager in 1931, partner in 1936 and sole owner in 1949; he also served as chairman. He was a board member of the insurance companies Storebrand, Idun, Christiania Søforsikringsselskab and Poseidon, and was a supervisory council member of Den norske Creditbank, Dyno Industrier, Norcem, the Norwegian America Line and Bjølvefossen. He was a board member of the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design and honorary member of Det Norske Selskab, which he had chaired from 1960 to 1968.[1]

He retired in 1971.[3] He died in June 1983 and was buried in Ullern.[4]


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