Harald Granraude

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Haraldr hinn granrauði (Modern Norwegian: Harald Granraude) was a king of the district Agder, Norway, and lived in the 9th century.

He was married to Gunnhild Ragnvaldsdottir, daughter of Ragnvald Sigurdsson, Lord of Huseby on Lista. He was father to Åsa Haraldsdottir and Gyrd Haraldsson, and great-grandfather of Haraldr Hárfagri, the first king of Norway.

When the king of Vestfold, Gudrød the Hunter, sent men to propose to Harald's daughter Åsa, Harald answered no. This made Gudrød angry and he sailed with his ships the king's farm on Tromøy. He arrived at night and attacked Harald's farm in a surprise attack. When Harald saw an army was coming he retaliated with all his men. It was a hard battle, and Harald lost. He and his son were killed. King Gudrød looted Harald's treasure, and took and married Åsa.

A local legend says that Harald hid in an underground tunnel with his daughter Åsa during the attack, but was found and beheaded.[citation needed]