Harald Tammer

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Harald Tammer
Personal information
Born 9 January 1899
Died 6 June 1942

Harald Tammer (9 January 1899 – 6 June 1942) was a journalist, athlete and weightlifting World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist from Tallinn, Estonia.


Journalist, athlete and weightlifter born in Tallinn. 1915 graduated from Tallinn Commerce School and joined with Sports Association Kalev. At age 17, he won three Russian Athletics Championships medals in shot put, discus throw and hammer throw. Took part in World War I as volunteer and in the War of Independence as member of the Estonian Defence Leagues Kalevi Malev Brigade in Tallinn. 1933 graduated from École Libre des Sciences Politiques in Paris, (Branch of Diplomacy) and was a lawyer by profession. 1921–28 editor of Eesti Spordileht (Estonian Sports Newspaper), 1923–33 journalist and 1933–1940 Editor-in-Chief of Eesti Päevaleht (Estonian Daily Newspaper). 1940 edited the magazine Revue Baltique. Was an Estonian team flag bearer and achieved 6th place at 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, at shot put competition. 1922 World Champion in heavyweight weightlifting in Estonia Theatre, Tallinn. 1924 bronze medal from Paris Olympic Games with a clean and jerk Olympic record 140 kg and 12th place in shot put. He was also 1928 Estonian Olympic team and 1936 Estonian Olympic team representative. Former President of Rotary Club Tallinn and member of the privat 100 Men's Club named Centum Club (et: Centumi klubi, also known Sajamehe klubi) led by President of Estonia Konstantin Päts. February 7, 1941 was taken prisoner by the Russians, accused spying for the command of the Estonian Defence Forces and deported to Siberia for 10 years, never to return. Died next year in Stalins Gulag prison camp, named UnžLagUnzenski Camp (ru:Унженский ИТЛ) near Sukhobezvodnoye station (ru:Сухобезводное), Semyonovsky District, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russian SFSR.


Sport achievements[edit]

Year Tournament Venue Result Event
1920 Olympic Games Antwerp, Belgium 6th Athletics / Shot put
1922 World Championships Tallinn, Estonia 1st Weightlifting / +82.5kg
1924 Olympic Games Paris, France 3rd Weightlifting / +82.5kg
1924 Olympic Games Paris, France 12th Athletics / Shot put

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