Haraz River

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Haraz River in Amol City in Spring.
Origin Central Alborz
Mouth Caspian Sea
Basin countries Iran
Length ≈ 150 km (95 mi)
Source elevation ≈ 3500 m (11,500 ft)
Mouth elevation ≈ -25 m (-80 ft)

Haraz (Persian: هراز‎) is a river in Mazandaran Province, northern Iran that flows northward from foot of Mount Damavand across Larijan, through Amol city, and finally to the Caspian Sea between Mahmood Abad and Fereydoon Kenar. Its valley is one of few to cut through Alborz. Haraz road passes through this valley.

View of Mount Damavand and Haraz River from Manzariye village, Polur.


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