Harbin No. 2 Korean Middle School

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Harbin No. 2 Korean Middle School
No. 2 Korean Middle School, Harbin.jpg
Simplified Chinese 哈尔滨市朝鲜族第二中学
Traditional Chinese 哈爾濱市朝鮮族第二中學
Harbin No. 2 Korean Middle School
Hangul 할빈시 조선족 제2 중학교
Revised Romanization Halbinshi Joseonjok Je-Yi Junghakkyo
McCune–Reischauer Halbinshi Chosŏnjok Che-Yi Chunghakkyo

The Harbin No. 2 Korean Middle School (also Harbin 2nd Korean Nationality Middle School) is a school for ethnic Korean residents of Harbin, Heilongjiang in northeast China.[1][2]


The No. 2 Korean Middle School was established in 1962, and received permission to convert from an ordinary middle school to a foreign-language vocational middle school in September 1992. It was the only ethnic vocational middle school in Heilongjiang province.[3] Its conversion into a municipal-level standard school was approved in December 2010.[4]

In 2006, the Heilongjiang College of Education organised computer training for teachers at the school and several other Korean schools in the province.[5] In 2011, the school signed an agreement with the Harbin Tourism Department to train Korean-speaking tour guides.[6]


Commemorative plaque on the No. 2 Korean Middle School building

The No. 2 Korean Middle School is located at 86 Tongjiang Street, Daoli District, in a building constructed in the late 1910s. The same building once housed the city's Jewish Middle School; it is listed by the municipal government as a second-class preserved historical building.[7]


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Further reading[edit]

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