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The general rank insignia system of the Polish Scouting movement is common for most Scouting organizations in Poland, including the two most numerous; however, much is left to the traditions of specific groups. Some of them do not grant some of the ranks to its members, while others name them differently.

Although Polish Scouting is by and large militarized in traditions and outfit, the very look of the insignia may differ from group to group. Some of them do not use shoulder straps at all, while others recently introduced an chevron system.

Rank insignia[edit]


Scout shoulder mark Harczerz RP.svg Harcerz orli.svg Cwik.svg Odkrywca.svg Wywiadowca.svg Mlodzik.svg
Sea Scout shoulder mark Patka HR.svg Patka HO.svg Patka cwik.svg Patka odkrywca.svg Patka wywiadowca.svg Patka mlodzik.svg
Scouting cross Scouting Cross with a golden lily, a golden circle and a golden wreath Scouting Cross with a golden lily and a golden circle Scouting Cross with a golden lily Scouting Cross with a silver lily Scouting Cross Scouting Cross
Boys Harcerz
Harcerz Orli
Girls Harcerka
Harcerka Orla
Scout of the Republic of Poland Eagle Scout Fourth Discoverer or pioneer Scout Youngster

Scout instructors[edit]

Shoulder mark Lilijka czerwona (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png Lilijka zielona (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png Lilijka niebieska (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png
Scouting cross Harcmistrz (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png Podharcmistrz (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png Przewodnik (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association).png
Men Harcmistrz Podharcmistrz Przewodnik
Women Harcmistrzyni Podharcmistrzyni Przewodniczka
hm. phm. pwd.
Scoutmaster Sub-Scoutmaster Guide or leader

Guide or leader[edit]

Guide or leader

Krzyż pwd.svg
WikiProject Scouting fleur-de-lis dark blue.svg

Guide or leader (pol. male form: przewodnik, female form: przewodniczka, short: pwd.) – first Polish Scout instructor rank. Someone who has got the rank wears a felt, navy blue tee under the Scouting Cross and a navy blue chevron in the shape of Fleur-de-lis (so-called instructor's Fleur-de-lis) worn on the left sleeve of Scout uniform. Until World War II Polish Scouts had been using a title drużynowy po próbie (short: DPP; en. teamleader after challenge) in place of guide, but insignia were the same.

ZHP (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association) during the PRL parted out also a lower Polish Scout instructor rank – organizer. This rank has been functioning in Independent Scouts Instructor Sphere "Nursery-Garden" even today.

Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP)[edit]

Rank's Idea[edit]

Due to Rank's Idea in ZHP a Guide learn himself/herself and his/her motivation. He is pattern for another Scouts and he/she find pleasure in working with children and youth, can be an elder friend and a guide. Among younger mates he/she should be characterized by leadership skills. Knowingly uses Scouts educational method to realize educational goals. He/she feels responsible for his/her work and for the team to work together. Guide is also active at works of instructors teams in his/her District.

Conditions of the starting of instructor challenge[edit]


  1. Candidate shapes his/her own personality compatibility to Scout Law, created and consequently realized the plan of his/her development.
  2. Candidate deepens his/her knowledge and develop his/her interests.
  3. Candidate maintains suitable proportions in keeping duties for varied social groups (family, school, Scout Troop, job environment)
  4. Candidate finished guide course.
  5. Candidate takes constant service in his/her Scout environment.
  6. Candidate takes share in detachment life.
  7. Candidate uses of Scout literature and Scout media.
  8. During at least a half year practice in a Pack (Cub Scouts team) or in a Troop (Scouts team) he or she proved the skills at educational working with children and youth in chosen age group, including the skill of:

a Guide also must have participated in: –

  • organization of departure works' forms
  • acquirement of measures for Troop's / Pack's functioning
  • organization of camps or winter camps for Troop /Pack's, where the candidate fulfilled a function
  • administering documentation essential for Troop's / Pack's functioning
  • co-operating with his/her Scout environment – as also with parents, school etc.

Conditions of the end of instructor challange[edit]

  1. Gaining development level described in Rank Idea and finishing tasks of instructor challenge.
  2. Following regulations about safety in working with children and youth.
  3. Having knowledge and skills at the level of Eagle Scout.
  4. Finishing minimum 15-hours First aid course.
  5. Positively evaluated service during the time of instructor challenge.

Authorizations resulted from being a Guide[edit]

Someone who is a Guide can:

Scouting Association of the Republic (Poland) (ZHR)[edit]

The rank of Guide is the lowest instructor rank in ZHR.

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  1. ^ According to Polish Education Minister's decree in 12th January 1997

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