Hard Hats

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Hard Hats
Studio album by Phil Beer
Released 18 August 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Rock, folk rock, electric folk
Label HTD
Phil Beer chronology
Hard Hats
The Works

Hard Hats is the second studio album by Phil Beer, released in 1994,[1] some 15–16 years after his previous solo album, Mandoline, though between those years he had worked on other albums with Paul Downes amongst other artists.

Being released around the same time as Beat about the Bush by Show of Hands, this album has a rocky edge to it, and was released on CD and cassette. Allmusic rated the album (mistakenably titled as Hard Cats) 2/5 stars but did not give a review.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fireman's Song"
  2. "Chance"
  3. "This Far"
  4. "Blinded by Love"
  5. "More"
  6. "Blind Fiddler"
  7. "This Year"
  8. "Hard Hats"
  9. "She Could Laugh"
  10. "Think It Over"