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Hard house
Stylistic origins House, hardbag, Hi-NRG, acid house, hardcore techno, breakbeat hardcore
Cultural origins early 1990s, UK
Typical instruments Synthesizer, drum machine, sequencer, sampler, keyboard
Other topics
Progressive house - Hardstyle - Breakbeat - Happy hardcore - Psychedelic trance

UK hard house or simply hard house is a style of hard dance[citation needed] music that emerged in the 1990s.


Hard house is similar to, but distinct from hardstyle. Confusion can sometimes arise as some club nights and events will play both hardstyle and hard house. This may be due to the fact that hardstyle is quite well-known across western Europe, whereas hard house has only ever had a limited audience outside of the UK, so there is more new music being released in the hardstyle scene.


Hard bounce[edit]

Hard bounce also known as bounce house (not to be confused with jump house) is a music genre that originated in Melbourne, Victoria and is categorized by hard dance melodic synths and bouncy techno's beats with tempos ranging from 150-180bpm. This sub-genre is also known for having great bouncy basslines, big riffs and stabs that makes this genre seem energetic from other house music.

Notable hard house DJs and producers[edit]

Hard house music labels[edit]