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UK hard house or simply hard house is a style of hard dance[citation needed] music that emerged in the 1990s.


Hard house is similar to, but distinct from hardstyle. Confusion can sometimes arise as some club nights and events will play both hardstyle and hard house. This may be due to the fact that hardstyle is quite well-known across western Europe, whereas hard house has only ever had a limited audience outside of the UK, so there is more new music being released in the hardstyle scene.


Hard bounce[edit]

Hard bounce (or more originally known as bouncy hard house) is a style of UK hard house which first emerged around 1999. Unlike other hard house genres, it features an upbeat, energetic sound and heavily focuses on the 'pipe' sample as an offbeat bassline, which usually represents a 'donk' sound. In recent years, Hard bounce has come to refer as style far less uplifting trance orientated than the original Scouse house genre, which also utilizes the same sample but takes a slightly more commercial approach.

Hard Dance[edit]

Hard Dance is a cross over genre between Hard House and Hard Trance. This first appeared in the UK around 1998-9. Unlike the classic hoover sound of hard house and the rolling basslines, Hard Dance incorporates a lot of pitched up Trance music and is generally regarded as happier sounding music than pure Hard House.

Notable hard house DJs and producers[edit]

Hard house music labels[edit]