Hardcore History

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For the history themed podcast, see Dan Carlin.
Hardcore History
Hardcore History.JPG
Author Scott E. Willams
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date
2006 (1st edition)
Pages 246 p.
ISBN 1-59670-021-1
OCLC 62738485

Hardcore History is the story of the history of the wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling from the point of view of the fans and the wrestlers by Scott E. Willams. It was published in 2006.

Plot summary[edit]

The book follows the history of ECW from its start in 1991 under the banner Tri-State Wrestling Alliance with owner Joel Goodhart. To being sold to partner and then announcer Tod Gordon. Gordon then renamed the company Eastern Championship Wrestling. It goes into detail of the impact of the early competitors like "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Then it shows how the selling of Eastern Championship Wrestling to Paul Heyman would later change the world of wrestling forever.

Under Heyman, Eastern Championship Wrestling would be renamed to Extreme Championship Wrestling. From there the book shows on how Heyman would focus on not a cartoon like wrestling show that was being shown be the other 2 promotions WWF and WCW, to a darker more adult orientated wrestling show. The book talks about ECW's first PPV Barely Legal. And goes into a full recap of a wrestling match that went wrong called the Mass Transit incident.

The book ends with how ECW went bankrupt in the late 1990s and early 2000. From being pushed off of TNN for Monday Night Raw, to losing all of its top talent to WWF and WCW.

In 2007, the paperback version of the book was released with an updated chapter on WWE's revival of the ECW brand in 2006 and how it was met by fans.