Harding Charter Preparatory High School

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This article is about the high school in Oklahoma. For other locations, see Harding High School.

Harding Charter Preparatory High School is a charter school based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that was founded in 2003.

The focus of this school is to help and encourage students to achieve at the best of their abilities and attend a college or university. All students are required to take AP courses and are offered the opportunity to take AP tests, which can be taken for college credit. There are no requirements as to which students can attend; it is a public school. There are no tuition fees. No entry test is required, nor interview or audition. The expectation is that every student will go to college, regardless of what intellectual ability they may have had before attending HCP.

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum based on Advanced Placement Courses, foreign language, the fine arts, and more, Harding emphasizes strongly the importance of the community. Service hours are a requirement to help build the school, the surrounding environment, and most importantly the student's own character. The parents also are required to put in service hours at the school.

HCP was ranked as #137 on Washington post list of best public high schools in the US in 2014 and #2 in the state.

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