Hardware River Wildlife Management Area

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Hardware River Wildlife Management Area is a protected area located in Fluvanna County, Virginia. 1,034 acres (4.18 km2) in size, it is named for the Hardware River, which both provides some of its boundary and runs through its interior. It is known for the access it provides to the James River. The majority of the area is wooded, primarily with hardwoods including oak, maple, hickory, and gum. Some stands of pure pine exist on the highest ground, some 450 feet (140 m) above sea level; the lowest elevations are at 250 feet (76 m), around the confluence of the two rivers. Some of these stands of trees occupy space that was once given over to farmland. The area is well drained by the Hardware River and by Dobby Creek; some portions along the flood plain of the James are subject to river flooding, being on occasion completely submerged.