Hariton Pushwagner

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Hariton Pushwagner
Pushwagner vsm-crop DSCN2687.jpg
Pushwagner in front of Axel Jensen's ship "S/Y Shanti Devi", 1983
Born Terje Brofos
Oslo, Norway
Nationality Norwegian

Hariton Pushwagner is the artist pseudonym of Terje Brofos (born in May 1940), a Norwegian pop art artist.


Pushwagner finished his education at the State's School of Art and Design of Oslo in 1959. He states that he quit drawing for a period after his studies, and that he struggled for several years to find his personal style. [1]

Pushwagner describes himself as a spiritual student of Norwegian author Axel Jensen, whom he met in 1968. [2] He has illustrated Jensen's book Og resten står skrivd i stjernene/And the Rest is Writ(ten) in the Stars (1995)

Pushwagner won back the rights to his drawings from Morten Dreyer in Oslo Courthouse 10.29.2009.


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