Harlot (1971 film)

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Directed by Michael Benveniste
Howard Ziehm
Produced by Bill Osco
Written by Walter R. Cichy
Howard Ziehm
Starring Fran Spector
Patty Alexon
John McGaughtery
Graffiti Productions
Release dates 1971
Country United States
Language English

Harlot is a 1971 pornographic movie starring Fran Spector, produced by Bill Osco and directed by Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm. It is one of the early adult movies of the 1970s, and follows Mona (1970), the first mainstream adult film, also produced by Osco and directed by the team of Benveniste and Ziehm.

It tells the story of a young female student involved in various sexual situations; despite the bad quality of surviving copies, the film has been reprinted a few times also on DVD.

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