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Hackensack River looking east
Secaucus is highlighted in red. Harmon Cove is located in the west central part of town

Harmon Cove is the western section of Secaucus, New Jersey along the Hackensack River, south of New Jersey Route 3. The name is portmanteau taken from Hartz Mountain, a corporation that owns much land in the New Jersey Meadowlands, which originally developed the area as a gated community in the 1970s with townhouses and highrise residential buildings.[1][2][3][4] Part of the Hackensack RiverWalk Secaucus Greenway passes through the neighborhood, which is north of Anderson Marsh and Snake Hill, home to Hudson County's Laurel Hill Park.

New Jersey Transit maintained a Harmon Cove Station [5] until the re-routing of the Bergen County Line and the opening of Secaucus Junction. The HX Draw is used by the line to cross the river. New Jersey Transit bus 329 serves the area. The Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center[6] and several hotels are located in Harmon Cove,[7][8] whose main thoroughfare is Meadowlands Parkway,[9] along which office and manufacturing buildings are found. The Harmon Cove Outlet Center is an outlet shopping district[10] further inland from the Hackensack riverfront. Hartz Mountain Industries operates many facilities and properties in Harmon Cove.


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Coordinates: 40°46′51″N 74°04′44″W / 40.7809°N 74.0788°W / 40.7809; -74.0788