Haroon Lorgat

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Haroon Lorgat
Born 26 May 1960
Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa
Nationality South Africa
Occupation cricket administrator, businessman and chartered accountant
Known for

Former CEO of the International Cricket Council

CEO, Cricket South Africa (current)

Haroon Lorgat (born 26 May 1960) is a South African of Indian origin, businessman and chartered accountant. He was appointed Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council in April 2008 succeeding Malcolm Speed.[1] Haroon Lorgat stepped down in June 2012.[2] Lorgat was later roped in to join Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) as a consultant.[3] He was appointed as chief executive of Cricket South Africa. Cricket South Africa withdrew its CEO Haroon Lorgat from not just its dealings with the Indian Board but also the ICC Chief Executives Committee pending an inquiry into his actions.[4]

Life and education[edit]

Lorgat is of Indian descent, his family originating from a small village in north western India called Manekpore, Rethvania in the Indian state of Gujarat. Lorgat was raised and schooled in Port Elizabeth. He graduated from Rhodes University with a B.Com. In 1985 he completed training with a Big 4 firm and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. After working at IBM for a year he started his own professional practice in Johannesburg and Cape Town which, through a series of strategic mergers, finally integrated with Ernst & Young in 2002. Prior to his appointment at the ICC, Lorgat had founded in December 2006 a private equity investment firm Kapela Investment Holdings based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Personal life[edit]

He has been married to Farah Ebrahim since 10 February 1985 and they have two children, Mohamed Zaheer and Naseera.[5]


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