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Harpanahalli is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 14°48′N 75°59′E / 14.8°N 75.98°E / 14.8; 75.98Coordinates: 14°48′N 75°59′E / 14.8°N 75.98°E / 14.8; 75.98


Arasanalu Vinayaktvg
State Karnataka
District ballari
Elevation 633 m (2,077 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 41,889
 • Official Kannada
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Harpanahalli is a town in Ballari district in the Indian state of Karnataka.


Harpanahalli is located at 14°48′N 75°59′E / 14.8°N 75.98°E / 14.8; 75.98.[1] It has an average elevation of 633 metres (2076 feet). Harapanahalli is the third biggest town in Davangere district next to Harihar. Davangere district being heart of the state, Harapanahalli is situated at its center being heart/center Taluk in the whole state. Harapanahalli is one of the oldest trading center since Madras presidency apart from Education center.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Harpanahalli had a population of 41,889. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Harpanahalli has an average literacy rate of 55%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 60%, and female literacy is 48%. In Harpanahalli, 14% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Nearest Railway Station[edit]

The Nearest Railway Station is Harapanahalli(1.5 km)which is inaugurated in March 2014.


Harapanahalli is quite famous for its well known educational institutions and is home of several schools and colleges which makes it to stand different in terms of literacy.

There are more than 30+ Primary Schools and 5+ high schools,4+ pre university and first grade colleges located in the city along with a Pharmacy College for all level which draws student from far other states from North India to the Harapanahalli.

The famous Government Junior college in Harpanahalli is more than 120 years old and was second oldest college in the then Bellary District, the college was built in British era with the British style of architecture along with local treasure and old court premises which can be still witnessed in the City's heart, every year around 500 new students takes admission in this college to pursue their high school and college education, apart from education college is well known for the sports such as Kho kho, Kabbadi, Volleyball and athletics etc.

Schools and colleges[edit]

1. Main School - Oldest school in the town, traces history back to 1903 2. Raja Somashekar School ( Kannada and English medium ) - More than 30 years old and has been number one for several years. 3. Govt Junior college. 4. St Joseph School. 5. MegalPet School 6. HPS Nursury & Primary, PU and First Grade College 7. Sri Tharalabalu Jagadguru Polytechnic Since From-1985. 8. ADB High School & PU and First Grade College 9. SUJM PU and First Grade College 10. SCS College of Pharmacy 11. TMAE High School 12. SCS Bed and Ded college. 13.National Primary and High School. 14.Govt Police line School. 15.Govt Girls Primary School. 16.Govt Girls High School. 17.St.Mery Primary School. 18.Govt Polytechnic.Since-2009. 19.Govt First Grade College. Since-2008. 20.St.Christ Primary and High School. 21.Govt Engineering College-(Planning in Process). 22.Govt Medical College-(Planning in Process). 23.Govt Nursing College-(Planning in Process) 24.Upper MegalPet School

Harapanahalli was famous for the education in the then called Bellary district and most of the government positions and other non government positions in the Bellary district have been filled up by the people of Harapnahalli Thaluk.

Haridasa movement[edit]

Harapanahalli Bheemavva Well-known poet of Hardidas movement. Proud Woman Poetess of Karnataka Period : 1822-1903

During this period it was very difficult for women and there was a requirement for the performance of many rituals by married woman to demonstrate respect for both their in-laws and parents, which reinforced that their lives were for others and not for themselves. At that time a bold and dynamic woman was born in the Madhwa Community named Harapanahalli Bheemavva. She was brought up by her grandfather, who always sang Dasarapadagalu to her in her childhood, which no doubt influenced her interest in poetry and literature. In those times, the children were placed in cradles, and while they were being rocked to sleep a caretaker would sing them songs. Tradition says Here Bheemavva would only go to sleep when her grandfather sang Dasarapadagalu, otherwise she would cry and refuse to sleep until he sang Dasarapadagalu.

She was strong woman of high intellectual caliber and, although she lost her husband while she was young, she faced her life boldly and it was during this period she started singing Devaranamas written by various Haridasaru. Her life changed after she lost her husband, as was the case for widows during her day, and she tonsured her head according to the customs of the day. Despite the set backs of losing her husband at such a young age, she did not curse the Lord for her fate and she accepted the life she had been given. Leading an individualistic life was very difficult for a woman in those days, and she endeavored to sacrifice all her pleasures in order to turn her mind towards the Lord. Most of her time was spent reading various Scriptures and doing Bhajans. It is said even in her dreams she was constantly focused on the Lord.

One day Sri Naradamuni in disuse of Brahamana holding tamboori in his hand and gave her Bhimesh Krishna as Ankitha that was the turning point in her life. From then onwards she used to write Devaranams with ankitha name as Bhimesh Krishna. While sleeping she used to see in the dreams what ever she used to see in the dreams she used to write. Her dreams played a major role in writing the Kruthis.

Her language was very simple and easy to understand by the common people she used to write Mythological dramas she used to fill the life of the characters in it. Eswara Pravathi Samvadha, Drupathuyara Samvadha, Rukumini Sathyabhoumara Samvadha, Krishana Rukumini Samvadha are the popular among her dramas.

She has written many Aarathi Hadugalu and they are very popular in the woman folks. Her compositions on Pranadevaru are brilliant she never satisfied with her compositions while writing on Pranadevaru she was fond of Bomagatti Pranadevaru she used to visit Bomagatti to have darshan of Pranadevaru. She has composed many kruthis on Pranadevaru.

She has composed on Sri Mahalakshmi with her brilliant kruthis. Her compositions on the supreme Lord Hari are also excellent She has penned many Kruthis on Lord Sri Krishna Avathara . She has also composed on the Balaleele of Lord Sri Krishna. She has written many kruthis on Sheshagirivasa. When she visited Udupi after seeing the Udupi Krishna she praised as Madhwa Vallabha Balakrishna immediately she has written kruthis on Kadugolu Krishna. After seeing the Sri Vishnu Paada in Gaya she has written a beautiful composition on the Vishnu Paada

She has composed kruthis on Narayana Namavalli,Dasavathara titled StuthiMallike there is one Kruthi in two lines she has praised 18 Rushis names. Her compositions are also depicts of Sri Madhwacharya's philosophy and she has written many kruthis based on the Sri Madhwa philosophy.

She has written many Vogatugalu When she has visited Mantralayam after seeing the Rayara Brindavana she has composed a beautiful kruthi on Rayaru the Kruthi meaning goes like this You are staying at the Banks of the Tunga River my namaskarams to you. The people who are afraid of Bhothas Pretha Pichasas and suffering from diseases Rayaru is the true messenger of Seethapathi will solve the problems.

When she visited the Sonda Khetra after seeing the Pancha Vrindavana of Bhavisameera Vadirajaru she composed kruthi on Rajaru who fulfills desires of the devotees. She also visited the Malkeda and visited the Teelarayara Moola Brindavana she has composed one kruthi based on the Teekarayaru life history. She has written kruthis on the miracles of Teekarayaru.

At the age of 81 years, she left this world. Her life is to be taken as inspiration of today's woman. Being brought up in a remote village and uneducated and lost her husband in the tender age and by balancing her life looking the parents and her in-laws and became a responsible mother for her children .Her contributions made Kannada Sahithya to grow greater heights her contributions are memorable and we all should feel proud for having this great woman who has born in our community for serving the Lord Sri Hari and this article is dedicated for her contributions in the Kannada language and finally before closing this article her one kruthi says like this "Narayana nimma name Naligaliirali Narayana,Gorapathakavella Harihoguvudayya Narayana"

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