Harra es-Sawad

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Harra es-Sawad
Elevation 1,737 m (5,699 ft)
Location Yemen Yemen
Type Volcanic Field
Last eruption 1253

Harra es-Sawad is a large TrachyBasalt- Basaltic volcanic field that runs along the Gulf of Aden. Near the city of Shuqra.


The field stretches for around 100 km, that runs along the Gulf of Aden. The field contains around 100 Volcanic Cones. The field is orientated on a WSW-ENE line. This has produced a 40 x 95 km lava field, this field is mostly Holocene in age and covers faulted basement limestone. Many of the fields cones are young and uneroded.

1253 Eruption[edit]

The only eruption that has been noted in historical times occurred in 1253. This eruption was a large VEI 3 eruption, although it was poorly documented. Given the age of the field, other eruptions may have occurred in the recent past.


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