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Harriet Theresa Comstock (1860–1925) was an American novelist and author of children's books.

She was born in Nichols, New York, and educated in Plainfield, New Jersey.

In 1885, she married to Philip Comstock of Brooklyn, New York.

Her books were sold widely and she was a very popular author.

They include:

  • Molly, the Drummer Boy (1900)
  • A Boy of a Thousand Years Ago (1902)
  • Janet of the Dunes (1908)
  • Joyce of the North Woods (1911)
  • A Son of the Hills (1913)
  • The Place Beyond the Winds (1914)
  • The Vindication (1917)
  • Mam'selle Jo: A Novel of the St. Lawrence Country (1918)
  • Unbroken Lines (1919)
  • The Shield of Silence (1921)
  • At the Crossroads (1922)
and many others.

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