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Harrison Park is a former baseball ground located in Harrison, New Jersey, a city adjacent to Newark, New Jersey. The ground was home to the Newark Peppers of the Federal League in 1915. The field was also called "Peppers Park" or "Peps Park".

The ballpark was located within the city limits of Harrison, a block and a half east of the Passaic River. Home plate was in the northwest corner. The ballpark was bounded by Middlesex Street (north, third base); South 3rd Street (east, left field); Burlington Avenue (south, right field); and South 2nd Street (west, first base). There were (and are) railroad yards skirting the southeast corner of the property, which is only a few blocks northwest of the modern Red Bull Arena.

The stadium had a seating capacity of around 21,000.[1]

Oil tanks were visible behind the right-center field seating, adjacent to the rail yards. An Otis Elevator Company factory stood across the street to the west, near the river.

After the Fed disbanded, the ballpark was used by minor league clubs until it was destroyed by fire during the 1923 season.


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Coordinates: 40°44′24″N 74°09′29″W / 40.7399°N 74.1581°W / 40.7399; -74.1581