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Harrisongs Ltd
Industry Music publishing
Genre Pop, rock
Founded England, 1964 (1964)
Founder George Harrison
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Harrisongs Ltd is a music publishing company, founded in 1964 by English musician and songwriter George Harrison, then a member of The Beatles. On September 11, 1964, Harrison created Mornyork Ltd. By December 7, 1964, this company had changed names to Harrisongs Ltd.[1] It is headquartered at 27 Ovington Square in London's Knightsbridge district, in the same building which houses Apple Corps.

Harrison's earlier Beatles compositions were published by Northern Songs, the company set up in 1963 by Dick James and Brian Epstein on behalf of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who were the main songwriting Beatles. Harrison and Ringo Starr had both signed contracts with Northern Songs but neither was satisfied with their subsequent writer's royalties or perceived low-man status with the company. In 1967, Harrison wrote "Only a Northern Song" about his dissatisfaction with the company. Harrison and Starr both let their Northern Songs contracts expire in 1968, with Harrison using Harrisongs Ltd. and Starr founding Startling Music.

Harrison's new company published his later Beatles tunes, including "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something", and his early post-Beatles solo work, including the songs from All Things Must Pass. In 1973, Harrison assigned the publishing rights for his then-newest album, Living in the Material World, to the Material World Charitable Foundation, a Harrisongs-administered charitable organisation he set up to aid starving countries.

His songs from 1974's Dark Horse onwards were originally published by Ganga Publishing, B.V. in the United States and Oops Publishing in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. They are now published by Umlaut Corporation, which is controlled by his widow Olivia Harrison.

Harrisongs is now the publishing company for Harrison's son Dhani Harrison's indie rock band thenewno2.

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