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Harry Bakwin (November 19, 1894 – December 25, 1973) was a New York pediatrician, and also a Professor of Pediatrics at New York University.[1]

In 1925 Bakwin married Dr. Ruth Morris Bakwin, who was an heir to some of the fortunes made by the Chicago meat-packing industry. Shortly after their marriage, Bakwin and his wife began procuring many famous paintings, known as the Bakwin Collection.

Included in those paintings was Van Gogh's painting, Madame Ginoux, a version which the artist gave to his brother Theo.[2] The painting was held in the collection by son Edwin M. Bakwin, until it was sold at auction on May 2, 2006 at Christie's, New York, for more than $40 million (USD).[3]

The Bakwin Collection[edit]

The Bakwins traveled to Europe every year with their four children, and bought art to display in their Manhattan town house.[4] The Bakwin Collection included works by the following artists:


As a pediatrician, Bakwin authored many articles relevant to children, often with his wife. The 1931 Journal of Clinical Investigation paper "Body Build in Infants" compared the external dimensions of sick infants with dimensions in healthy children.[5]

Together with his wife, he wrote the widely regarded medical text, Clinical Management of Behavior Disorders in Children.[1]

Bakwin and his wife co-authored an early piece on the speech disorder cluttering (also called tachyphemia) in 1952, years before cluttering was commonly discussed.[6] Bakwin observed that clutterers could temporarily overcome their speech defect when they tried to do so.[7]


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