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Harry Michaels is a Greek Australian television producer and director. he is also a former actor and television host. He has been involved in the companies Harry Michaels Productions and zer0-1-zer0 (now known as Silk Studios). His wife, Effie Michaels, was one of the aerobics demonstrators on the Aerobics Oz Style television series. His daughter Natalie Michaels was once a presenter on the Sky News 'Showbiz' program Foxtel.

Acting and hosting credits[edit]

Harry Michaels is first cousins with business man Con Constantine, owner of Parklea markets.

Producer credits[edit]

Director credits[edit]

  • 2006 - Australia v Greece,
  • 2005 - Australia v Iraq, Australia v Solomon Islands, Australia v Indonesia,
  • 2002 - UEFA Cup in Greece: Aek v Inter Milan,
  • 1998 - Australia v Iran (Logie Award winning), Australia v Uruguay 2006 World Cup Qualifyer,
  • 1993 - World Youth Championships (directed & produced)
  • 1986-1996 - Australian National Soccer League
  • 2010-2011 - Sky News "The Nation" and "Australian Agenda"

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