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This article is about the founder of In-N-Out Burger. For the scientist, see Harry Snyder (scientist). For the Wisconsin politician and judge, see Harry G. Snyder.
Harry Snyder
Born September 9, 1913
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Died December 14, 1976
Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Known for Co-founding In-N-Out Burger

Harry Snyder (September 9, 1913 – December 14, 1976) was an American businessman. He founded In-N-Out Burger along with his wife Esther Snyder. Snyder was one of the first people to develop the idea of a drive-thru hamburger restaurant, where customers would be able to order their food via an intercom.

He and his wife opened the first In-Out-Burger on October 22, 1948, in the Los Angeles suburb of Baldwin Park, California. In-N-Out is also billed as California's first drive-thru, thanks to the ingenuity of the Snyders. By the mid-1950s the chain had expanded to six stores in the Los Angeles area. By the time of Harry's death in 1976 from lung cancer, the company had expanded to 18 stores.[1]


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