Harto The Borges

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Harto The Borges
Poster Release
Directed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Produced by Soledad Liendo
Written by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Starring Jorge Luis Borges, Ariel Dorfman, Christian Ferrer, Martin Caparros, Osvaldo Bayer, Franco Lucentini, Horacio Gonzalez, Paolo Collo.
Cinematography Eduardo Montes-Bradley and Maria Laura Luckzow
Edited by Eduardo Montes-Bradley and Eduardo López
Distributed by Heritage Film Project
Release dates September, 2000
Running time 80 minutes
Country  Argentina
Language Spanish
Budget U$S 120.000

Harto The Borges is a documentary film created by Eduardo Montes-Bradley.[1] Harto The Borges escapes the unwritten rule[2] of biographical films on Latin American writers by exploring the narcissistic side of the author, his frequent and often criticized comments to the press, his distinctive and gentle ironies. Harto The Borges had a Theatrical release in Buenos Aires in September 2000, and was well received by the critics.[3] Since them has been frequently exhibited at forums, campuses, and film festivals. On October 4, 2011, Harto The Borges was made available to the general audience in Argentina through the On Line version of Revista Cultura Ñ, (Diario Clarin) in Buenos Aires. The film was released alongside an article in which the director views the film ten years after its premier at the Cine Cosmos.[4]


Montes-Bradley approaches Jorge Luis Borges on film. The portrait of Borges emerges as a counterpoint to the participants' words, some of which evoke scandal and most of which cut through stereotypes and presuppositions surrounding this key figure.[5] The strategy employed by Montes-Bradley when it comes to Borges, a writer of whom almost everything has been said, consists on giving the word to the writer himself and to a select group of intellectuals who dwell on the margins of the Argentine cultural aparatik. Montes-Bradley, however, does not exhibit Borges like a painting to be admired but rather as counterpoint to the observations of others. We are neither the hapless witnesses of another saccharine celebration of Jorge Luis Borges, nor are we forced to endure another fashionable defrocking of an idol. The Borges that emerges from the interaction of the testimonies in this documentary surges from the heat of the debate, from the strong opinions, some certainly scandalous, most politically incorrect.

Billing Block[edit]

HARTO THE BORGES a documentary by" Eduardo Montes-Bradley made possible with a grant from INCAA with Horacio González, Martín Caparrós, Christian Ferrer, Ariel Dorfman, Franco Lucentini, Paolo Collo, Osvaldo Bayer, Luis Sepúlveda, Mempo Giardinelli, Alejandro Howowicz produced by Soledad Liendo associate producer Sara Kaplan edited by Eduardo Montes-Bradley directed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley.



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