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Harvard Eye Associates is an ophthalmology practice located in Orange County, California.[1]

The Harvard Eye Associates Logo


Founded in 1975 by Roger V. Ohanesian, Harvard Eye Associates is involved with a number of charity works.[2] The Armenian Eye Care Project, an international charity that donates medicine, treatment and surgery to Armenia, was founded by Ohanesian in 1992.[3][4] Dr. Ohanesian and his colleagues have traveled to all parts of Armenia, from earthquake epicenters to war zones, performing reconstructive surgery on hundreds of victims of natural disasters, warfare and landmines.[5] Dr. Ohanesian has completed over 50,000 surgical eye procedures and shares his expertise with other eye doctors as a diagnostic and surgical consultant.[6] Harvard Eye Associates also offers charity services at home, including free pterygium screenings and health fairs.[7] Harvard Eye Associates is one of the most experienced pterygium surgery practices in the world, and Dr. John A. Hovanesian of this practice recently published a book on his advanced surgery technique.[8][clarification needed]

Many physicians at Harvard Eye Associates perform presentations at OD continuing education seminars and patient information seminars.[9][clarification needed] Dr. Ohanesian is an acknowledged leader in eye surgery and presently teaches medical and surgical techniques in the United States and internationally.[10] He teaches about the new advanced high-tech lens implants of Bausch and Lomb Crystalens®,[11] Allergan Tecnis® Multifocal and Alcon ReSTOR® lenses.[12]