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The Harvester42 is a meta search engine project hosted at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
Harvester42 queries over 30 major search engines in parallel and presents a large result page with the individual search engine results. The name "Harvester42" originates from the Bioinformatic Harvester project, a meta search engine for genes and proteins from several species. Harvester42 is based on the same method integrating several distributed data sources.


Currently no search engine covers the entire internet. Often a search across several search engines is more successful than a single search engine search. Meta search engines usually integrate several search engines with complementing indices. Harvester42 covers popularity based search engines (Google), proprietary search algorithms (cuil), open source search engines (YaCY), product search engines (Directindustry, Google products), Video search (YouTube) and powerful meta search engines (Polymeta, Allplus, Mamma).

Harvester42 integrated search engines[edit]

Harvester42 technical details[edit]

All search results are presented in so-called iframes without any modification of the original search engine result. Each iframe can be manipulated individually.



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