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Harvey, Harveys or Harvey's may refer to:



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Fictional characters[edit]



  • Harvey armor, a type of naval armour developed in the late 19th century
  • Harvey Awards ("Harveys"), one of the most important awards in American comic industry, founded in 1988
  • Harvey Point, a U.S. Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency facility in North Carolina
  • Harvey F.C., an early twentieth century U.S. soccer team from Harvey, Illinois
  • Harvey Wallbanger, a mixed drink
  • Hurricane Harvey (disambiguation), a name given to tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, a cartoon series
  • Harvey Danger, an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington
  • "Harvey" or "Harvey Smith", term for the V sign after the equestrian Harvey Smith used it in a televised event in 1971
  • “Harvey” mannequin, an early medical simulator
  • USS Harvey (PF-80), a United States Navy patrol frigate transferred to the United Kingdom while under construction which served in the Royal Navy as the frigate HMS Labuan (K584) from 1944 to 1946