Harvey Hadden Stadium

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Harvey Hadden Stadium
Full name Harvey Hadden Sports Complex
Location Wigman Road,
Coordinates 52°58′05″N 1°12′58″W / 52.968°N 1.216°W / 52.968; -1.216Coordinates: 52°58′05″N 1°12′58″W / 52.968°N 1.216°W / 52.968; -1.216
Operator Nottingham City Council
Built 1959
Renovated 2014
Expanded 1970s
Nottingham Trent University Athletic Club
Nottingham University Athletic Club
Notts Athletic Club
Nottingham City RLFC (1989-1993)
Nottingham Outlaws ?-2013
Nottingham Caesars

The Harvey Hadden Stadium is a purpose-built athletics stadium in the Bilborough district of Nottingham, England. It is also used for other sporting events such as football, boxing, MMA and rugby league.

The stadium is currently operated by Nottingham City Council.[1]

The facilities include a gym, activity rooms, sports hall and indoor athletics area as well as the main outdoor athletics stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 1600, with a covered seating area for 740 spectators.

Harvey Hadden stadium is also home to several Nottinghamshire Athletics clubs [1]

Rugby league[edit]

The Harvey Hadden Stadium was a former home to the semi-professional Nottingham City RLFC from 1989 until 1993 when the club folded. For a number of years, it was the home of Nottingham Outlaws an amateur rugby league side.